Character Notes: Unger

One of the main characters of the novel, “To Con A Cosmic Entity” is the Ursnee, Unger. The Ursnee are a porcine race that stand no more than 3 feet tall. Thought their pig like features and deep beady black eyes might be a slight unsettling they are known to make up for their appearance […]

The Road NOT Taken

I have moved on from NANOWRIMO. To be honest I was never going to finish it. I started too late and work became too much for me to juggle and the words I needed to wrote everyday. Though I am moving on from NANOWRIMO I did get something from it. I managed to get the […]


Well it’s November once more and it is time for everyone’s favorite activity, NANOWRIMO. This year I decided to go whole hog. I am determined to finish it this year with a novel that I will see to it’s publication. Maybe this is the momentum that I need to do another and another so that […]

Article 64

I have always had a tough time keeping focused whenever I start a novel. I start with an idea then another idea with germinate and then I find myself focusing on a new novel. So in order to wrestle these idea to the ground and make them submit to being showed to the world I […]

Who or What are the Enoshii

Today as we tour the different Iterations of Earth. Around 7312AD the Earth was covered in a darkness that was brought to the surface by a conclave of men and women who had discovered knowledge that had been thought lost since antediluvian times. Once the knowledge that had been discovered that the knowledge that they […]

Hubbard’s Row – A First Look

Hubbard’s Row is a city built with a hundred foot circled wall. It was built after First Governor Hytell finally drove back the last of the Enoshii forces and began the 6th Iteration of Earth. To keep his people safe Hytell built the high walls and to honor his brave deeds had a domed building […]

A House Divided – First Words

Most of my ideas have been kicking around in the attic for quite some time. Luckily I write all my ideas down so that I can go back to them time and time again. This is the case with the novel House Divided. I had this idea originally quite awhile ago and now as I […]

It’s All About the Mechanicals

Over the last 6 months or so I have been drawing more and more robots, mechanicals as I like to call them. I was inspired by another Instagram artist Mattias Adolphson, if you haven’t seen his stuff stop reading this and google him. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Isn’t his stuff amazing and it is truly […]

Once More Into the Breach

Recently I got rid of Facebook (too much noise, to use the current vernacular) so I replaced one social media outlet with another. I chose WordPress Blog thanks to my friend Sarah and here we are. Great story? I am thinking of making it a mini series on AMC. At this point I should tell […]